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I had been wanting to see the Shiny Lapel Trio (fronted by Tiger Marion) for a little while now since I heard Mike Savino and Ric Haddad had been added to the line-up. They are good friends of mine and fellow band mates in the Donahue’s Open Mic House Band. We work the trenches together, along with Tiger on sound the two to three times a month that I’m hosting. I must admit, much of my inspiration to get out and see them was to catch Mike Savino in a SUIT! Omg. Ha ha!

The Shiny Lapel Trio is known for many things: a big, swing-band sound packed into a four-piece, Tiger’s smooth vocals, tight execution and arrangements, and their sharp dress complete with hats. Swing dancers from all over follow them around, and they mostly only play to packed venues. You’ll have to ask Tiger why they’re called a trio when there are four pieces. He’s explained it to me at least three times, so I’m embarrassed to ask again. They are: Tiger Marion on lead vocals and rhythm guitar, Mike Savino on lead guitar, Mike Frishman on bass, and Ric Haddad on drums.

Back to Mike, I think anyone who knows him would have the same response as I, “Savino’s gonna wear a suit?!?” I just had to get it on camera.

My friend Mary Lou Fusi invited me to join her on a Sunday afternoon, and we were off.


To see more photos from that afternoon or to download digital photos, visit:

By the way, Savino’s nickname for the band? “The Shiny Labels.”