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Interview with Tony Cafiero on April 14, 2014

Some of my best musical phrases are rests.

What kind of keyboard is that?

A light one.

I’m a chameleon.  I could actually be competing with myself.

I’m from Jersey.

In the late 80’s, I started around here with the Elm City Blues Project, Whiskey River, and Garry & The Mood Swingers.  Two tours of duty, Garry!  Once wasn’t enough!  “I quit!”… eight years later, “I’m back!” and with Garry’s “2DYE4,” because we just couldn’t get enough.

I also played with Free Play, Mass Con Fusion, and Betty Harris.

(If my hat is too far up, it makes me feel like a D.J.)

At Carmen Anthony’s they move the piano around and snap off the pedals.  It’s so battered at this point, I’ve duct-taped it and put a piece of plywood under it.  One other guy plays it:  Jeff Weisselberg.  We text each other from the piano, and it’s like, “Oh my God, I got a salad plate under it now.”

[When I play there] it’s like four hours of nothing.  [By the time I get finished] I don’t think I know another song.  [Let’s see…] how many ways from Sunday can I play?


We’re in our third year of residency at Maugle Sierra Vineyards.  The owner there will text me from somewhere and say, “Break’s over!”

The load in at Lenny’s blows.  Cut a friggin’ staircase in the deck!  And Lloyd is just gonna be one of those twist your nipples kind of guys.  What, another 3-6:00 facing west?  Gimme a reason!  It’s NOT the money!

I play with Memphis Soul.  The fact that Rob Jocco can get seven guys on a band stand and make it happen… that’s something.

Bill Hollman can kick my ass on keyboard.  And he’s a nice guy too, which makes you hate him even more.

This summer I think I’ll have some time.  It won’t be like “Honey… uh, can you walk the cat?”