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After attending Guilford’s 9th Annual GFFE Spelling Bee, I hiked it up to Bill’s Seafood for a few minutes to see my friends the Green Stamps:  Brian Wilkens – guitar, Bernie Soroko – drums, Tom Price – bass, and Tony Cafiero – keys. All four of them sing! Great musicians and great music, guys! They even let me sit in on “Blue Bayou.”

All opportunities to see and hear these guys should be taken! They are seasoned performers and musicians who know great tunes, have some serious chops, and know how to entertain a crowd.

The fact that they played Margaritaville (in response to a request, mind you) with straight faces and liveliness shows where their hearts are. My favorite moment was Bernie’s purposeful bad drum fill at “blew out my flip flop” and Tony’s laughing response “Don’t DO THAT!”