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Chris Donahue said, “You HAVE TO COME HERE THIS FRIDAY and hear these guys! Their harmonies will blow your socks off!” Well, not only did that happen, the energy in their show blew the roof off! They have lots of great videos on You Tube, but none of them do justice to a live performance in front of a packed house. Women were throwing themselves at the band on stage. (It was embarrassing, really. I was like “Girls! Control yourselves!”)

I was only able to speak with the bass player, Jermaine Mellers and the keyboard player, Carey Mellers very briefly, but I learned that four members of the band are related: two brothers and their nephews. The reggae-version-of-Bruno-Mars lead singer, Rob Ellington makes the group five. His commanding stage presence never stopped the entire evening. I also learned that to be able to see them in their home state is a treat. They were headed out for gigs in Virginia and other states.

The recording of “Move On” on their home page is a great representation of their musicianship, personality, and vibe.

Thank you, Anthem, for bringing your good-feeling vibes to Donahue’s last night!

Coozie Mellers and Rob Ellington
Coozie Mellers, Rob Ellington, and Jermaine Mellers
Charles Mellers
Jermaine Mellers
Carey Mellers
Carey Mellers, Coozie Mellers, and Rob Ellington
Charles Mellers, Jermaine Mellers, and Rob Ellington
Coozie Mellers
Rob Ellington
Rob Ellington
Rob Ellington
Carey, Charles, Coozie, and Jermaine Mellers, and Rob Ellington