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I met Bob Crelin serendipitously at the James Velvet Memorial concert last summer (2015). James was a long-time friend of mine, so it caught my eye when a guy was walking around after the concert with VERY COOL POSTERS in his hand that were graphic renditions of James himself. I wanted one of those posters really bad. As in, I HAD to have one! My hipness factor would increase exponentially by the pure possession of it, and life could not go on without it. I sidled up next to Bob and just blurted out, “How do I get one of THOSE?!” Maybe I thought to introduce myself after that, I don’t even remember. After he explained that he had designed them, he was very gracious to explain that he had only printed a limited number, and, he was very sorry, but he had already planned the recipients. I was so sad, but I told him I completely understood. Was there any way I could buy a special print? Bob was non-committal. Fortunately, I hung around for another while blabbing with other people before I left because he caught up with me in the parking lot to give me the last copy. OMG! YAY!! Someone had left early, I guess. Lucky me!!

I only have this thumbnail to show you, so you’ll have to come to my studio to see the full-size version: James Velvet by Bob Crelin

Meanwhile, the point of this blog post is SUPPOSED to be telling you about Bob’s release of his new original “Breakin’ Her Heart Drive.” Visit his website to check it out!

I find it very difficult to find locally produced music that has all of the following ingredients:

  • Well-written lyrics
  • A message you can relate to
  • Good vocals
  • Good production
  • Something I want to listen to more than once

Bob’s song has all of these ingredients, so I just had to share.

You can find out all kinds of other cool things about Bob by visiting his website: He designed award-winning products for MI brands including Takamine, Gretsch, Gibraltar Hardware, and Ovation. Oh, my goodness! I mean, I guess someone has to design drum hardware, but do you KNOW anyone who actually DOES that?! Ha ha! I do now, and the photo on his homepage of the Gretsch set is to die for.

Photography by Crelin Design